Jimmy’s Recipe: CBD, Sydney


It’s coming to the end of Winter in Australia, but it’s still great cool weather for a bowl of laksa. I am even of the opinion that even hot summer days are good for laksa!

Jimmy’s Recipe has been a long-standing resident of the Galeries Victoria, and at the end of the last year they did a huge renovation to the Malaysian Restaurant. I actually really like the new layout of the venue. They’ve spaced out the seating a lot more and the overall look and feel just gives more modernity to the whole place. Unfortunately, they also renovated the menu, and the price of the laksa went up. Boo. But anyway, that’s not the point.


I do like how they’ve  changed the appearance but kept the style of their ordering the same. You can choose any of the set items or pick up to three choices with rice from the food bar. Their service here is extremely efficient, and you’re barely waiting for your food to be prepared. Just short phrases to the back and the chefs have it prepared in seconds.

There are various tables available, or you can join the long tables if you’re on your own. If there’s nothing inside, they have expanded the outdoor seating with some heating in Winter, however like most places in the CBD, I generally avoid coming here if it’s after 12:15 to before 1:30 if I want seating. They also take reservations if you have a group coming.

Chicken Laksa

They quality of the laksa used to fluctuate during the day, with the tail end of the lunch period having fairly mild soup, but they’ve definitely fixed that problem. I prefer this soup to most others in the city as it doesn’t have a strong, shrimp taste to it. The bowl is a lot smaller than before (which makes the extra $1.50 post-renovation hurt a bit), but it’s full of a generous healthy of meat and two halves of fried tofu. The soup is not too hot, but you can order extra sambal if you want.

I tried on a second visit to order something different for a change, so while my friend SH ordered Har Mee I opted for Nasi Lemak. You can choose one of the three curries available to go with the dish. I opted for the Curry Chicken.

Left: Nasi Lemak. Right: Har Mee

I’m not a huge fan, to be honest. A friend of mine has made this before, and I prefer his to this version. I think I would have liked less sides. So for me, it’s back to the laksa as per usual!

Jimmy’s has an extra branch in Circular Quay if you’re closer to the water, or you can always take away and take your favourite Malaysian dish back to work!

Jimmy’s Recipe

  • Where: 500 George St, Sydney
  • Ph: (02) 9267 2288
  • Hours: 9am – 6pm Mon – Wed and Fri, 9am – 9pm Thu, 9am – 3pm Sat – Sun
  • Site: No website.

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