Morley Eats: Rosebery, Sydney


So my first location post since starting this blog brings us to Rosebery, where former warehouses have bloomed into neat little cafes, restaurants and goods stores all throughout the suburb. The residential zones in the Inner City have thrived in recent years with many people moving into the suburbs, and it’s really come alive in the dining scene.

A good friend of mine was diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease when he was 17. Coeliac’s disease is an autoimmune disease which causes a severe intolerance of gluten, and left untreated can cause inflammation, poor absorption of nutrients and poor nutrition. According to Coeliac Australia, they estimate 1 in 70 Australians are diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease, and currently the only way to manage it is to have a strict gluten-free diet.

Managing Coeliac’s disease is tough at home, but I’m always extra mindful when we go out that there is a range of things JB is able to eat. It sucks when you go out with friends and there is only one thing on the menu you’re able to have.

When Du Liban in Rosebery was replaced with Morley Eats earlier this month, another friend VP noticed in the menu that they had a waffle section which was entirely gluten free, so of course we made the trip.


In this unassuming facade of a converted warehouse lies a small cafe with timber furnishings, a pizza oven and a very open and transparent layout to the cafe. You can see the chefs cooking your breakfast pizza (yes, breakfast pizza!) and friendly staff happy to take your coffee orders the moment you walk in.

Speaking of the food, the menu puts a lebanese twist to breakfast favourites you know and love. A quinoa bowl with spiced egg, hummus, and zataar crisps. Smashed avo with grilled haloumi on top. Shakshukas. Waffles with labna. I thought the menu was a great way to have your old favourites but with a little extra to it.

The first drinks ordered were my classic Flat White order, and VP’s Matcha Latte. I think I lost on the drink order when it came to volume.

Matcha Latte… Flat white for scale?

The coffee: everything I expect in a coffee. Not overly burnt beans, not too strong but not tasting like hot milk either. The matcha latte: the foam was where all the flavour was. VP felt like she was drinking hot milk afterwards, but I maintain she probably should have stirred it.

For brunch, two waffle dishes were ordered (the Red Velvet for our Coeliac friend JB, Chorizo for VP), Grilled Haloumi with poached eggs, and the Shakshuka. The waiter was very happy with I ordered the Shakshuka, as it is personally her favourite. I think we’d get along just fine.

I was confused when the Chorizo Waffle came out – the red velvet waffle was indeed red, but the Chorizo wasn’t visible. Until we discovered the Chorizo was in the waffle itself. Oh boy, lemme at it. VP finished this off pretty quickly.

Wait, JB can eat that??

JB abandoned the Red Velvet waffles halfway, partly because he’s has a disrupted weekend due to our work and hadn’t quite the appetite, but to get any sort of feedback from him about the food this early in the morning can be like trying to squeeze water from a stone. But I’ll leave him alone in this post.

AO was pleasantly surprised at her grilled haloumi with the addition of pomegranate to the salad – but by the time I’d even taken a second look at the dish the haloumi was all gone! They were very generous with the mushrooms, and even with my dislike of avocado (so sue me), I might tackle that the next visit.

But back to my Shakshuka. It looked every bit as I imagined it to be, and it was a perfect thing to dig into on this cold winter’s morning. It probably needed a little bit more spice in it (my heat tolerance has gone up in the last few years) but I finished it off quite satisfied and warm afterwards. If you can’t eat eggs, you can substitute with a falafel instead.


The place itself isn’t too busy, which makes it easier to converse since you’re not talking over 5 or 6 other tables at once. The staff are friendly and attentive, it’s a very inviting setting, and the coffee is great. I ordered another one to go in my KeepCup which left me with very warm hands and a very statisfied stomach on the way home!

It’s very important to me as someone who likes to cook and has a few friends and family who have Coeliac’s disease to have a menu which caters to allergen-free diets, so I was pleasantly surprised at the menu here. And you wouldn’t think those waffles are gluten-free by looking at them!

For more information on Coeliac’s disease, visit Coeliac Australia.

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