Green Coffee: Using a reusable coffee cup

D61_18808Second to plastic bags, coffee cups are estimated to be the second largest cause of waste in the world. While the lids are made of recyclable plastic, the coffee cups themselves are made of composite materials which are hard to straight-out recycle. And in office environments such as mine, lack of recycling facilities make it extremely difficult to go about recycling cups properly.

I bought a KeepCup¬†when one day at work I realised when I wanted to throw my coffee cup away, most small bins around me were full of them! Most of our product team get at least one coffee a day. That’s at least 30 people getting coffee, and for the one group that goes all at once, that results in 8 cups that get thrown into the rubbish every morning!

Luckily the cafe we frequent sold a whole range of them, so to reflect my status as a software developer I bought this little guy:


It took a while to get used to using one. I have occasionally forgotten to wash my cup before going home the previous day, and I have to remember to bring it with me before I go for coffee, but I love bringing my cup around (and my baristas love the R2-D2 cup!)

I now own a second one thanks to Single O so that I can leave one cup at work, one cup at home and never need to use a disposable cup again.

KeepCups start at $24 AUD, which is a good investment considering the cup will last for years.  Various cafes also reward customers with discounts when they BYO cup. Stay tuned for more on reusable cups РI will be investigating the benefits you can get in various suburbs!

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